KarFarm is the fastest way to buy a new car. Shop for a car online from the convenience of home instead of wasting your weekends.

How does KarFarm work?

  • One simple signup at KarFarm.com gives you access to 6000+ dealerships, all from the comfort of your home or on the go.
  • Get connected to top local salespeople to find your perfect car and receive low-pressure offers.
  • Service is free to use, safe and anonymous.

What Makes KarFarm Different?

  • Personalized, one-stop shopping
    • Choose from salespeople hand-picked by KarFarm from local dealerships. Pick your perfect ride with the help of your personal sales team.
  • Our marketplace is transparent
    • All offers made by your sales consultants are visible to each other.
    • You are able to view inventory and compare offers in real time.
  • Your privacy is our priority
    • You are totally anonymous until you choose the offer you like the best. No more phone calls, emails, or unnecessary dealership visits.