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The KarFarm Team has put in over two decades of time in the automotive industry and realized firsthand what it was that you were looking for while purchasing a new automobile. Convenience, Value, and Choice.

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KarFarm is a real-time, transparent marketplace that is supercharging the car industry by giving consumers more control over their car purchase experience and reduces the amount of time and cost for dealers.

Quarter Analysis
2016 Nissan Murano

Futuristic looks good on you, Nissan Murano!

The redesign of the third generation Nissan Murano is catching eyes and taking names. Almost 150 pounds lighter than the previous models, Nissan has pretty much perfected the 3.5 liter V-6/CVT combination helping fuel economy improve to 21/28 mpg city/highway. The Nissan Murano has come a long way since its first debut in 2003, with the vision to design “a concept car for the road,” Ken Lee the senior creative manager strived to –



“Push the reset button!”

And we are glad they did, the KarFarm team is really taking a liking to the new futuristic look. After the Darth Vader look, this is so much better! Incorporating the futuristic features the first thing you notice is the blacked out pillars to form the floating roof design, and of course you can’t forget the angled tail lamps with LEDs. However, there is more buzz on the “zero gravity” lounge seats that can be heated and cooled to your liking.

Now for the stuff on the inside, 2015 Murano comes with the standard rearview camera, proximity key, dual-zone automatic climate control, 2 USB ports and new navigation head shows off the new Nissan Connect. With voice commands and touchscreen display, your apps are made easier for you to connect and command while on the road.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 9.20.32 AM

2015 Nissan Murano pricing remains the most affordable SUV/Crossover starting with the base model with front-wheel drive S starts at $29,560. All-wheel drive comes at a $31,160, and a fully loaded Platinum AWD comes in at $40,600. Lease deals for the Murano come at $319 Month lease for 36 months, with $2,699 down payment. $0.15 per mile for mileage over 12,000 miles per year.



Enjoy the new 2016 Acura ILX & TLX for $0 down!

When it comes to down payments, we prefer zero down! For this weekly special, Acura is offering multiple cars for zero due at signing. First up is the 2016 ILX starting MSRP $28,820. For leasing customers $0 down payment, $0 down security deposit and $0 first down payment. With all these zeros how could you say no to the new 2016 ILX. The 2016 ILX model has changed quite a bit for the entry-level luxury sedan.

No longer a hybrid, the ILX comes with a 2.4-liter direct-injected four-cylinder engine, with 210 horsepower and 180 pound-feet of torque. Giving you a little more power, to have a little more fun!


The transmission is an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT) with a torque converter, borrowed from Acura’s midsize TLX. But Speaking of the TLX, Acura is also offering zero down for $370 per month for 38 months. MSRP for the 2015 TLX is $32,365.00.

The Acura TLX gets 35 miles per gallon with making good use of the gas-powered four-cylinder and an eight-speed dual-clutch. The TLX offers 602-mile cruising range giving you a solid deal amongst the longest-range cars on the market for sale!

the TLX’s suspension is a high-point: it rides extraordinarily well, with perfectly controlled body motions and isolated impacts, and it remains mercifully out of its bump-stops in all but the worst bumps.”

-Road & Track


For more $0 down check out all other vehicles available at Acura. All deals are valid from March 3, 2015 through May 11, 2015


KarFarm Quarterly Industry Analysis Q2 2014

ChartTitleLet’s face it. Car buyers dread interacting with salespeople. Actually, people hate it. Car purchasing process is filled with lots of confusion, high pressure sales tactics, and unwanted follow up phone calls and emails.

In the past, the automotive dealerships represented the point of sales for new vehicles. But with the rise of the internet and e-commerce, where a traditional sense of brick-and-mortar retail space is eroding, it’s the salespeople who are more important points of contact when purchasing a new car. So much so that salespeople are often seen as the face of the automotive brands. Prime examples in other industries would be taking over where Borders Bookstores, Circuit City, and the possible imminent fate of Best Buy stores.

When a car buyer has a bad experience with a particular salesperson, they often associate that bad experience with that automotive brand and NOT the respective dealership. The automobile industry and its analysts overlook this fact because quantifying the consumers’ dissatisfaction seems intangible.

KarFarm’s vehicle purchasing platform makes the elusive available:  The KarFarm platform collects buyer and seller data and provides measurements, analysis, and valuable insights for automobile manufacturers, dealers, and anyone who needs to know car buying behavior.

Based on the participation of 1,058 dealerships and over 1,300 salespeople participating in the last 6 months (from December 2013 through May 2014), some intriguing trends are starting to emerge. Toyota and Nissan are beginning to lead the pace in the KarFarm marketplace.

DECRI Ranking

KarFarm DECRI Ranking

Dealer E-Commerce Readiness Index (DECRI) takes in three major of factors of efficient e-commerce practices; which are response time, response rates (participation), and engagement level. The combination of these factors in a single score, provides the industry with a ranking of how each automotive brand fares in today’s digital age. From the macro to the granular levels of dealerships and sales staff performance.

KarFarm’s platform offers dynamic interaction between the car buyer and the salespeople chosen by the car buyer (based on the salesperson’s KarFarm profile). Since the entire communications and vehicle offers process happens on the platform, KarFarm can report on a variety of factors – including response time, participation, and quality of engagement.

Response Time

Response Time

Response time is a major factor to brand success.

Toyota occupies the clear front-runner spot, with Nissan close behind. Chevrolet leads the US manufacturers, and sits in 6th place overall. Toyota’s salespeople took, on average, 63 minutes to respond to customers request with Nissan a close second at 76 minutes. Response times greatly increases, after that, with Volkswagen coming in at over 160.

As a point of reference, the standard goal of any e-commerce or retail shop is to establish first contact with customers within 5 minutes of an inquiry. Every 10 minutes past that initial 5-minute period degrades the sales lead quality by ten-fold. – Reference article per Forbes via MIT study

With that crucial first 5 minutes in mind, Ford’s numbers represent a huge disappointment. An average wait-time of over 9 hours cannot be considered helpful to customer satisfaction. Response times affect everyone in the car selling chain; over 60% of buyers who start their purchase sessions mid-week, on KarFarm, buy their vehicles that weekend.

Our objective is to continue to decrease seller response time to under fifteen minutes through the use of KarFarm’s mobile applications available on iOS and Android platforms.

Response Rate

Response Rate

Toyota and Nissan also lead the list on Response Rate and Engagement Level on KarFarm.

The response rate measures how many dealers actively participate in a given purchase session. KarFarm car buyers choose up to 5 salespeople from local dealerships, per brand, so the maximum rating that any brand can receive is 5.

Almost 4 Toyota salespeople actively engaged with their customers per average session.

Car buyers obviously prefer to see a number closer to 5. The data shows that Dodge offers the least engaged salespeople on our platform with a score of 2.1.

Engagement Level

Engagement Level

KarFarm is capable of measuring the number of discrete interactions between buyers and salespeople. Quality of engagement can be measured in the total number of interactions with a correlation between engagement level and probability of sales conversion.

As illustrated, Toyota salespeople provide the highest quality engagement level with a score of over 13. Nissan follows with a respectable 9.6. After that a gap opens, engagement levels ranging from 5.2 to Hyundai’s 2.4.

On the KarFarm platform, engagement levels of 11 or higher translate to sales. This score represents a commitment to customer service, meaning that the salespeople are addressing the wants and needs of the buyers.

KarFarm endeavors to provide a platform that makes it easy for salespeople and manufacturers to provide a satisfying purchasing experience to car buyers.


Sales Conversion

Everything boils down to sales conversion.

Traditionally, dealerships convert less than 3% of typical automotive online sales leads to actual sales (non-KarFarm sales leads).

Traditional online sales relies on brute force attack model. Creating massive amounts of data that is poorly handled.

Because most consumers don’t want to be hassled with phone calls and spam emails, they use false contact info. In fact, over 70% of sales leads generated contain false info.

In addition, only 65% of sales leads have an actual intent to purchase. What makes it even worse is that about 30% of these sales leads are ignored at the dealership level. The leftovers are split up between 7 dealerships… hence the 2.5%-3% conversion rate.

Some of this madness can be attributed to how the sales leads are mined. Most online sales leads are created at the research phase of the purchase process, often 30-60 days away from the actual time of purchase. Which leads to car buyers resorting to using false contact info.

The KarFarm users are 100% verified; thus eliminating the 70% false lead scenario. Most KarFarm users are ready to purchase within a week and almost 75% of them have intent to purchase.

Which leads to this… Toyota salespeople on the KarFarm platform  converted 42% of KarFarm users into sales, followed by Nissan’s 36%, Chevrolet’s 33%, Volkswagen’s 32%, and Subaru’s 29%. Kia (18%), Hyundai (17%), Dodge (16%), and Ford (13%) land at the bottom of sales conversions.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that responding quickly to customers, actively engage them, and having good communication would lead to great experience for the car buyers. Obviously, not every Ford salesperson is bad, but the data becomes hard to ignore when it’s grouped the way we have them illustrated. By understanding the importance of Response Time, Response Rate, and Engagement Level on the KarFarm platform, dealerships can see their sales numbers and customer satisfaction rise.

It will be very interesting to keep an eye on this series of quarterly reports (to be published every quarter) as KarFarm plans to expand to 18,000 new car dealerships covering more brands and the entire U.S. market.

For more detailed analysis or information, please contact us at


Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 2.47.02 PM

Murica, Get It Together!

So, as I was getting on the freeway the other day, I saw a THIS:

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 2.47.02 PM

The pic is a bit small (Siri can take pictures, FYI), but hanging from the bottom were a pair of these.

Yup. Balls.

This is America and while it’s not constitutionally protected, per se, but self-expression and celebrating our differences is one of our merits. I, for one, welcome this. If you think it’s cool to put balls on your car, you know who else to crack open a beer with. If you don’t, easy to avoid. No judgement.

But, driving 60 MPH in the fast lane,  that’s another story. More appropriately, it’s called the passing lane. We were taught this in Driver’s Ed. I’m pretty sure it’s self-explanatory, but for some reason, there are those that sit in this lane, like it’s their right to be there and drive however fast they want.


The passing lane is specifically designated for that one self-explanatory reason.
If cars are passing you on the right, you’re going to slow.
If cars are traveling at the SAME speed as you, you’re going to slow.
If you aren’t passing, you’re going to slow.

Not to condone speeding. Rather, better lane selection. There are many reasons, to be more conscientious of lane choice.

First Reason, the LAW. Most states have laws requiring drivers to stay in the right half of the highway, unless passing. You can get a ticket for this!


Second Reason, it’s not safe. It’s a misconception to think that cruising in the left lane is safe. But with only one lane to the side of you, and no entering or exiting traffic, it may feel that way. Fact of the matter is, when driving on the highway, you are a part of the system and what you do affects others, which leads me to the final point.

Third Reason, it pisses people off and if you think that’s funny, you’re an asshole. There’s a video that some soccer moon took. TOOK. While driving! As she was purposefully blocking the passing lane and purposefully preventing another driver to pass. He eventually performs an extremely dangerous maneuver and ends up getting into an accident.

Now given, he’s completely at fault for driving angry, but she created the dangerous situation. She incited, his anger and frustration, and delighted in his demise.

Just saying, if logic and reason don’t compel you, I will result to name calling. No hard feelings though, so, let’s take a breath, and look at a rabbit with a pancake on it’s head.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 10.45.45 AM






After 924 Speeding Citations, Researchers Have Uncovered a Few Surprises.

Collecting speeding ticket revenue is a big business. In compiling this infographic, the website examined stats from the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Forbes and other sources. They also collected 924 speeding citations were collected from 4 intersections and 2 counties to examine which car colors were cited the most. xqrm2fj1ndo1fjchmdna

You Camry Solara drivers take it easy out there, now!


Monday Blues

Maybe it’s a negative co-worker or a meeting with your boss first thing on Monday morning, or maybe it’s that you don’t feel motivated or maybe it’s all of the above.  If you only suffer the occasional mild Monday Blues, then  do some things to successfully cheer yourself and others up on an otherwise dreary Monday. We may have the case of Monday Blues, but these guys probably have it tougher than us. Enjoy, and Happy Monday!

This mechanic who is now looking for a new place to work











This driver who was definitely late for work










These folks thought they’d transport paint the cheap and easy way…










This driver who ruined his Dad’s new car










 This woman who forgot to put it in “drive”









 This barge driver who knows he’s getting fired today








This car owner










 This guy who’s daily commute just got tougher








This soda drinker who learned a painful lesson














This woman who is probably texting this to her boss ASAP to explain why she’s gonna be late…



Don’t Drive Angry

If there is anything that I have learned from my road rage, it’s this:  DON’T DRIVE ANGRY.

Now, those who know me might look at me with the “Ed is full of shit” face, but it’s true.  It’s okay to BE angry.  Being angry is a natural human emotion and the natural response to threat. 

What can be more threatening than sharing a road with other human beings operating 4,000 lbs. of glass, steel, explosive fuel and plastic. Human beings trying to reach a destination without crashing by steering, braking, accelerating, navigating, checking mirrors, watching traffic lights and signs. All while talking, tweeting, texting, updating Facebook status, taking selfies, checking email, sending email, eating, thinking about what to eat.

So be ANGRY.  Let it out, let it go; just don’t let that affect the way you drive.  Woosah, bitches.


Thursday Trivia

Welcome to Thursday Trivia where we offer up a historical automotive trivia question and you try and solve it before seeing the answer after the jump. It’s like a history test, with cars!

This week’s question: What automotive record was set in 1916 that has never since been eclipsed?

If you think you know the answer, eclipse the jump and see if you are correct.

The best selling car in the U.S. last year was the Toyota Camry, which says a lot about America’s love affair with the automobile having long since passed. Globally, the fire is still glowing as the world’s top car in 2013 was Ford’s Focus, a model that even in lower-tier form remains a reasonably engaging driver.

Both of these brands can crow about their sales leadership, an accolade that questionably contributes to selling even more cars, but still a nice feather in each’s cap.

One sales record that Ford once achieved, and that neither it nor Toyota is ever likely to attain again, occurred back in 1916.


From the Discovery Velocity Blog

In 1916, 55% of all cars were Ford Model T’s – not surprising since, with the help of the assembly line, it only took 93 minutes to finish a complete Model T.  The only paint color that would dry fast enough to keep up with the production speed of this model was black Japan enamel, hence Henry Ford’s famous declaration “the public can have any color it wants, so long as it’s black!

It’s perhaps hard to imagine now, what with cars and trucks ubiquitous across the globe and in an unfathomable diverse mix of makes and models, but at the time Ford’s Model T was not just popular, due to its innovative manufacturing techniques it was the only vehicle positioned to provide such volume production. Of course success breeds competition, just ask Apple Inc, and the T’s dominance over all other makes and models was short lived.

For more Thursday Trivia & the latest news on cars check out Hooniverse







5 Reasons Why It Sucks To Be A Car Enthusiast

Let’s get one thing clear before we start: Cars are our obsession. They aren’t just a method of a-to-b transportation, or whatever the general population seems to think. We would rather be driving a low-slung sports coupe on a twisty mountain road than doing nearly anything else on Earth, save for doing that while simultaneously making a ton of money.

Having said that, coming to the realization that sometimes, being a car enthusiast simply sucks, and you’re stuck wondering why you put up with it at all, but more importantly, why the hell you just bought advance tickets for Fast 8: Alabama Tractor Pull.

#5: You’re auto tech support for everyone you’ve ever met.

Cars are your passion. You love working on your own projects as long as there’s a wrench to turn and a beer in the fridge. The local Pep Boys staff knows you by name, and you have a permanent spot at Cars and Coffee.

And then it happens. It may come in the form of a random stranger, relative, or long-lost friend that found you on Facebook.

“Hey, you know about cars, right? My car is making this weird noise at 57mph, when I slightly turn to the left. It’s like a “psh” or “tuk-tuk” sound. There! It’s doing it right now. Can you hear it? I can’t tell if it’s coming from the rear or the front. It might be coming from the wheels or the engine. On second thought, I don’t think that’s the noise. I’ll just call you when it happens again so you can magically hear it through the tiny speaker in your phone, through all the road and wind noise.”

I completely understand when people want to ask an expert for help because they don’t have the knowledge or can’t be bothered to do their own research. What really drags the experience down is when people do their best to exploit you for your skills, because they think you “like cars”.


Pictured: “I don’t have any money, can you fix it for me really quick?”

Yes, I love cars in general. I love working on my own cars and making my own schedule and budget. It’s a fulfilling experience to put a turbo kit on a car and feel the difference in performance. It’s quite another to get guilted into doing a Rear Main Seal on your cousin’s friend’s ’88 Oldsmobile because they heard it was an “easy job” and they trust you with their hand-me-down rustbucket.

#4: You can’t bring up your passion in conversation.

Have you ever met someone new and attempted conversation? Of course you have, because you outgrew your self-diagnosed Asperger’s in freshman year. What will you likely bring up? The weather, the state of the economy, politics, religion, celebrity nip-slips, ANYTHING other than the fact that you think the Datsun 240 was the best of the early Z cars and that variable vane turbochargers seem to work on pure magic.

There’s a few things that happen when you talk to someone about cars who doesn’t have the knowledge/ability/intestinal fortitude to talk at length about them. Their eyes glaze over and look for stimulation elsewhere, perhaps a TV or a particularly colorful wall. They give you a strained smirk and force themselves to sound interested, like a parent whose 8 year old just gifted them their 10th macaroni necklace.


Pictured: “..and that’s why I prefer 5-point racing harnesses over 6-point.”

“Warning: Contains Cars”

#3:Your spouse/significant other hates it.

Unless your family owns a race team or your girlfriend is Danica Patrick, odds are that your more-than-healthy obsession with getting dirty and buying parts for your depreciating asset in the garage is taking its toll on your relationship. There’s only so many ways you can explain that you needed that ball bearing turbo because it makes full boost 2000 rpm sooner and that’ll help your 60′ time at the track. That trip to Paris can wait.

Pictured: “The kids don’t NEED to go to college, do they?”

Even if you’re not spending money, time is your greatest asset in life, so giving a fair bit of it away on a hobby (even if you’re not spending a cent) can push any relationship into harsher terrain. Maybe it’s something that we’ve inhereted from our caveman daysand just dont know how to stop. Maybe it’s because we like shiny things that make loud noises and knowing that within that raucous symphony of sound is a device that produces thousands of explosions per minute and pushes you back in your seat when you stand on the right pedal.

ah3mgbatud219qzm69fePictured: Not much has changed.

However, there is a method to curb the sting.

First, find someone who’s supportive and don’t abuse that support. It’s probably OK if you have a major build deadline and you pull an all-nighter to finish. It’s not OK when you do that every other day and you haven’t seen your kids in 3 weeks when you live in the same house. Second, take your budget (realistic budget, not a dream budget) and double it. Now go and buy that person something nice. A bag, a pair of shoes, that all-expense paid trip to Burma. It’s a lot easier to come to terms with the fact that your partner is a car-obsessed maniac when you’re getting a royalty check every time a major build happens. Just sayin’.


#2: You’re attracting the wrong kinds of attention.

Let’s flash back to a not-so-distant past. You live in a quite densely populated area with a decent car culture. In your local theater, there plays one movie that aims to shed light on a certain aspect of this culture. I’m speaking, of course of Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

The only way the audience could have been more excited when they left the movie was if the theater staff had laced the popcorn with a dosage of ecstasy large enough to restart the sex drive of a comatose silverback gorilla. Although I think the effects of ecstasy would be over long before the euphoria of driving a race car on the street would. And for around $500 you could get a secondhand early 90’s 4 cylinder coupe and the party would never end.

ctinbnizx1f4yidbrqszPictured: “Don’t worry, race cars are supposed to look like that.”

Imagine me, having a modified Lexus with a twin turbo engine and manual gearbox, trying to enjoy a nice cruise on the highway on a Saturday night. Immediately a noise eminated from behind me that resembled something not unlike a rather angry bumblebee trying its hardest to play the kazoo inside a Folger’s coffee can. Similar to the Eddie Murphy: RAW skit where the short Italian guy tries to take on the world after seeing Rocky, I could see that this kid was out for blood, because he just experienced the cinematic masterpiece that was Tokyo Drift, and he was freaking invincible. He had his girlfriend in the car, and the jury’s out on her thoughts on the matter, but I’m sure she wasn’t thrilled at racing strangers in a secondhand automatic Acura RSX with a chinese exhaust and a brake light out. It didn’t matter, the laws of physics weren’t going to stop this kid from making his dream a reality.When I declined, he took off as if his hair were on fire, and gave me the common courtesy of turning on his hazard lights to inform me of my crushing defeat.

c0xp86bdaavtajxyfnruPictured: “If you can see the Altezza lights on my ’02 Automatic Civic LX, you just LOST.”

The night was abuzz with fly-bys and abrupt lane changes until I considered my cruise a lost cause. It was abundantly clear that these kids weren’t car enthusiasts but boys with a superiority complex and something to prove. They had no respect for the power their machines possessed, nor did they care about the people that they put in danger. When your car is visibly and audibly modified, you’ll attract these guys like flies to a sugar-covered turd.

But that’s nowhere near the worst of the attention you’ll get.

la4u5rbzxpupcbjddp5gPictured: “Crap.”

Pop quiz, hotshot. You’re at a light with a mile of straight road in front of you. An incorrigible youth that just voided the warranty on his mom’s Mazda 3 wants to race you. He revs wildly at the stoplight, and signals for you to go on green. You take off normally, but he gives it the full beans. A traffic cop watching you at the intersection pounces, with his christmas lights in full effect.

ddlmysnhnukwix5uq0whPictured: “You, Sir, are about to put my kids through college.”

He says you two were racing, issues you a ticket that now may have the power to take away your driving privileges for good, on top of any other tickets he might feel like issuing for one reason or another. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?!

Even if you fight the ticket in the courtroom and win, that’s an entire day you have to set aside to go to one of the most miserable places on Earth. But wait! It’s not over, because…

#1: You’re going broke.

There are two words that usually go along with a car that has a lot of time, effort and emotion invested in it: Money Pit. Car modification can get ludicrously expensive, not to mention track time, pump gas, race gas, safety gear and maintenance. That’s not even counting the ticket you just got, and the bumper you have to respray because that speed bump came out of nowhere.

qp3h33vdeext0smdgz8wPictured: Also, surprise!

You may not be eating off the streets just yet, but ask yourself one question and assess your own obsession a bit more objectively: If you were offered a garage full of your dream cars, but you subsequently had to live out of that garage for the rest of your life, would you do it? If you answered no, feel free to leave. We don’t need no stinking amateurs.

To everyone else, welcome to your addiction.

q2vkrniv9fcrqkruisy9Pictured: Not shown: IKEA Futon, half bath and mini-fridge. Move-in ready.

The story’s original article can be found here




1st Month Payment Contest!


New car buyers, if you plan on buying a new car this month on KarFarm your in luck! Every purchase made in the month of May will be entered into the 1st payment contest. One lucky winner will have their first month payment paid by KarFarm.

Contest Rules

1) First payment must be equal to or less than $750 in value.
2) Purchases must be within May 1st – 31st
3) Vehicle must be purchased on
4) KarFarm staff must verify your purchase
5) Must be 18 years or older
6) Observe all local and federal laws where they apply

Winner of the contest will be announced JUNE 5th! Good Luck!

Go to KarFarm to get started!